Joel Boettcher Victory


Joel Boettcher Victory

Best Price Real Estate in Calgary, Alberta

Type(s) of Victory: Got my first lead, It was just awesome

Tonight I found not my first, but my first GOOD lead. The ARV of this property is between 500 and 600k, and with a rehab cost of approx. 120k. My MAO is looking to be 285k. After closing, realtor, holding, rehab and interest costs I am looking at approx. 370k invested. The asking price is 375k, but the seller seems motivated because he or she is looking to sell within 2 weeks and needs the property to be sold "as is" within that time frame. If they accept this offer and even If I were to have funding at a 12% interest rate, This would still mean $80,000 profit!! Im going to put my offer in tomorrow, and if it gets accepted or not, I am still excited because I am understanding this investing mindset more and more each week.

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I would not be sharing or even coming close to doing this if it were not for my amazing fortune builders education and coaching

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