John Grillo Victory


John Grillo Victory

Commonwealth Property Solutions, Inc. in Mineola, NY

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Did something on my bucket list, Helped a great cause I believe in, Paid it forward somehow, It was just awesome, Other type of victory

I received a letter a couple of weeks ago. I was accepted to be a Big Brother by Big Brother/Big Sisters of Long Island. I will start working with a youth as soon as they find a good match. This was a very arduous process that took several months of investigations, interviews, etc. After I lost my dad to sickness at age 12 and my grandfather to murder at 15, I always thought that I should join Big Brothers to help others who had faced a situation where they either lost or didn't have someone. I spent 45 years thinking about it while being a big brother to my nine years younger sibling, serving in the military, acquiring three degrees at night, getting married, buying a home, raising my own son, trying to thrive, then survive my corporate career, which I did for thirty years, then didn't. Not to mention, being outsourced to two other companies, then back insourced, working downtown NYC during 9/11, the major east coast blackout a couple of years later, Hurricane Sandy – though I did some volunteer work here and there and gave a fairly generous amount of money to charity, there was enough to just push being a Big Brother off. Oh and did I mention, trying to enjoy life a little. So fast forward to losing my corporate career and getting involved with Fortune Builders; my instinct is always to give, and Fortune Builders (and another organization I am involved with) emphasis on personal growth and giving back got me to tell myself, “the time is now”. Having more time now and the high awareness that Fortune Builders has provided me; I decided it was time to take action in this endeavor. I believe, if not for being involved with this great community, I would still be mulling doing this as an abstract thought in my head. So this is a win and I want to thank the Fortune Builders Community of Friends I have interacted with that has inspired me to realize this goal (I am still working toward getting my first deal done and a win like this keeps me going).

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Just a shout out to all the people I've interacted with on Facebook and meet at the Boot Camps that have made me truly feel like I am part of a family. When I went to the weekend where you sign-up and everyone kept saying, "Welcome to the Family.", I was like yea, right sure. Now I do get it.

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