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JOSE RIVERA with Olga M. Leal Leal

Type(s) of Victory: Fixed something in my life, Implemented an individual system, Started using a system, It was just awesome

From zero to hero in 30 days. Late one night just around a month ago, I was watching Than Merrill infomercial on Fortune Builders I encountered a strong vibe to make that call and participate to learn more about what Than system was all about. I attended the first one day event and got even more curious to learn so I quickly road on the second two day seminar event in Orlando, FL. This powerful entrepreneur activity immediately open my eyes by learning my poorly structured passive income business was running without any type of safe foundation. Understanding my need to fix my errors, I jump on the Fortune Builders "Mastery" team bus and just yesterday received my full immersion training. Now I understand the systematic process and available tools available on FB Mastery which will make my business much simpler by following the strategic platform process model. Along with a strong network of entrepreneur professionals, supporting cast and student like me who are filled with goals to conquer and leave that legacy. I am fully confident that my decision to join the FB team was a true blessing. Crush It!!!

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Special kudos to Lee Escobar, Eric Mueller, LaDonna Smith , Siam Ibrahim , and John Sorenson for the dedication, professionalism and motivating coaching energy which enables entrepreneur growth power.

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