Kathy Crosby Victory


Kathy Crosby Victory

Good Move Properties, LLC in Houston, Texas
Kathy Crosby with Michele Gallagher

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal, Sold another deal

We received a phone call from a yellow letter campaign, from an out of state owner. It was an estate and the two heirs had been sitting on the property for a number of years. One brother was local, so he showed us the property. The market in the area is up and coming and HOT for residential redevelopment. We negotiated a price and immediately began wholesaling. We ended up assigning the contract for $12,500, plus reserving the right to keep contents of the home - turn of the century antiques and collectibles.

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We have had an awesome time with Fortune Builders and appreciate all that we are learning from them, they are always available to answer questions.

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