Keith Dean Victory


Keith Dean Victory

KAAM Property Partners, Inc. in Hobe Sound, FL
Keith Dean with Angela, Andrew & Michael Dean (my family thus the name KAAM)

Type(s) of Victory: Found a great team member, Found another leader

kAAM Property Partners are moving right along. This past Friday, March 13th was a very busy day. I worked with a second Broker that has decided to be part of our team. I drove an area in West Palm Beach that is Historic and has many homes that need repair. Some are at the point that they have been boarded up. I saw alot of distressed homes that need someone to fix them and get them ready for new home owners or renters. A lot of theses homes haven't even hit the market yet. The RE Broker is sending out letters mentioning that she has an Investor that may be interested in buying their home. So with that being said I may find myself in a need for my FB team members to join me in the project of rebuilding this small community in Florida. I would really like to keep in the family. Also I took Than's advise and ordered my bright orange Bandit signs today. I'm putting my son to work when they get here. I want to get them out on the busy street corners so that they will find out what we do and get my phone ringing. I have also joined the local REIA and have networked with some local Investors who do rehabbing and wholesale deals. One investor wants to work with me in my are and i in his to team up and flip houses together. He has been in this business for 6 years now. I have been running everything past my coach, and Mel has been very helpful. He has prevent us from making some mistakes already and given us some very good suggestions. It makes us proud to be part of the Fortune Builders family. My wife and I use to be Real Estate Agents in Orlando and this activity the last month has brought back that burning desire to be part of helping peoples lives for the better. The only thing we are missing right now is that first deal to break our ice. So I'm off to read up on my next lesson. Until next time, Keith Dean KAAM Property Partners, Inc 772-678-0093

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Thanks to my Coach Mel Fellers

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