Keith Dean Victory


Keith Dean Victory

KAAM Property Partners, Inc. in Hobe Sound, FL
Keith Dean with Angela, Andrew & Michael Dean (my family thus the name KAAM)

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Found a great team member

In December of 2014, I attended a 2 hour meeting with FB that changed my live. My wife and i have held our Florida Real estate license since 2003 and were Agents in Orlando for over 4 years and did very well. Due to family in Maryland we had to move back. We've missed Real Estate and moved back to Florida looking to start again. The market has been soft and was just waiting for the opportunity to try again. When i heard the program I was very excited. So I bought 2 ticket to the Summit i Jan 2015. I went home and told my skeptical wife who, to my surprise, went with me on Friday not knowing if she would finish the weekend out with me. She woke me up on Saturday morning and said to hurry up we need to get good seats. WOW !!! That's all the MOJO I needed. I have to say that after the Summit with Gerald Martin we were pumped. We met wit Jamie, one of the advisers, and felt good about the interview until we discovered that the Tuition into Mastery was out of our range. Our Hearts sank. We know that this is what w were looking for and if I had $25,000 it would be the BEST investment of my life. But we didn't. Well Jamie must of saw that in us and left us with a list of things to do to So we took it and said our goodbye's. Thai was a quite ride home for about 20 minutes and then we both decided that we were going to raise the money to get into the Mastery program and nothing was going to stop us. So Sunday night and all day Monday we thought of things we were going to do to raise the money. I had all but $10,000 in an IRA so i was going to Wholesale some properties ad get back online and apply to Mastery. And then..........On Tuesday I got a phone call that I didn't expect. It was from Dylan at FB in San Diego CA. wanting to set up an appointment to help us get started with FB. WOW!!!!!! An answer to my prayers. My wife could't believe either. So we spoke with Dylan a couple of times and then he recommended that we talk to James Hung. The next ting we knew, we were being invited into the Jump start program. So a month ago today we signed that paperwork and paid smaller tuition so that we could get started. Wow What a month it has been. Three weeks ago I spoke with Tina Fellers and she set up an appointment with our new coach. We thought.......We are in.........What a blessed day for the Dean family. We have been talking with Mel, tonight will be our 3rd coaching session. We have taken his suggestions and things are happening. I have begun to build my team. First of all we have Mel Fellers our coach, we have a 30 yr Real Estate Broker in Jupiter, FL with 20 agents in her office( I will be meeting with all of them next month at their Quarterly meeting), we have a Private Lender in West Palm that want to work with us (I hope to finalize that next week), we have another in my neighborhood who I will be talking to next week who has expressed an interest to work with us and today I am going to a meeting of the local REIA association. OH and while I was typing this, I received a phone call from an Agent in the Broker's office that she wants to introduce me to another in Palm Beach Gardens who has 141 rehab properties she would like to see if i can help with. All i have to say is "Activity creates Activity" Before I sign off here. Angela and I would like to that Gerald for giving such a GREAT Summit, (That is one of my goals, to be a Trainer with FB) Thanks to Jamie for not giving up on us, but for passing our name on to headquarters, To Dylan and James for getting us in and to Mel and Tina for being our Coach. And a shout to Than,JD and Conrad whom we haven't even met yet but feel like they are our partners and friends in the World of Investing in Real Estate. We will keep you informed of our progress and will see you at the TOP. KAAM Property Partners, Inc. Keith Angela Andrew Michael Dean

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