kevin brill Victory


kevin brill Victory

Vesta Real Estate Holdings, LLC in Cincinnati, OH
kevin brill with Angela Brill, Kevin Brill

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Found a great team member

CAW!!! If you want to hold yourself accountable, become more motivated, and grow your confidence at the same time, try the elective 30 day wholesale challenge. We just completed it and highly recommend it to others. Within this period, we were able to assemble a full team of realtors, real estate attorneys, title companies, a local hard money lender, a private money lender, and contractors. Most importantly, we took ACTION!!! We pursued property leads and gained a lot from the networking experience. This challenge will not let you sit on your hands. You will want to put in the time and effort because each day helps you realize your potential, dreams, and goals. Our next goal is to focus on our marketing strategies to build our buyer and seller list and to celebrate our 1st wholesale / Renovation deal before the New Year!!!

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We want to thank our awesome coaches "Ammon and Mel" and the amazing FB education, resources, and bootcamps.

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