Kevin Brill Victory


Kevin Brill Victory

Vesta Real Estate Holdings, LLC in Cincinnati, OH
Kevin Brill with Angela

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal

CAW!!! If you haven’t done so, you need to attend a Bootcamp Summit for the education and networking. Make it a business goal and mark it on the calendar like we did. We just completed the March 2018 Chicago Bootcamp Summit and attended two (2) outstanding programs. We really enjoyed Speros Vouriotis, who presented the Short Sale / Real Estate Owned (REO) program. He has a unique teaching style that keeps things simple, organized, entertaining, and fun. His program is designed so you can meet and connect with other FB members. Shawn Tiberio presented the 3 day rehab bootcamp. Both Shawn and his “Crush It” team did an outstanding job of coordinating the bus tour to three rehab project sites. Imagine getting an opportunity to see homes in various stages of construction and being able to ask questions to contractors, FB investors, and mentors. Shawn’s passion for rehabbing homes and his depth of experience will captured our attention. You don’t want to miss his tips as well as his detailed understanding of construction contracts and contractor / investor relationships.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

We want to thank everyone on the stage and behind the scenes who gave their time and effort to put on the March 2018 Chicago Bootcamp Event. The network events were creative and engaging. As always, the education materials, presenters, and learning environment was First Class. Thank you

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