Kim Odette Victory


Kim Odette Victory

RKZ Properties, LLC in Tyler, TX
Kim Odette with Rick Odette

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal Reached a business goal Closed on my first deal

We've been in Mastery for seven months. We just closed only a few hours ago on our first rehab property which is a beautiful piece of property on the lake with 1500 feet of waterfront (it's actually a peninsula) and a 2500 sq. ft. house. We got this deal through a call from our bandit signs. This home owner was in foreclosure with the property due to be sold on the court house steps in less than one month. He needed help out before he lost everything and the 12 years of equity in his home. I showed compassion for his situation and we were able to negotiate a deal that worked for the seller and us. At closing his close friend handed me a Thank You card that states "Thank you for being God's two angels to save Terry (seller)." Wow....what a feeling! I expect to make a profit on this rehab or we wouldn't have bought it, but it feels wonderful to know that the sellers feel we have been an answer to their prayers. I love this job!!

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Fortune Builders has given us the knowledge and courage to step out of our comfort zone to make offers, purchase property, and start making our dreams come true! Without finding Fortune Builders and joining the mastery program we would still be sitting on the fence WISHING we were doing something special with our lives. My husband and I just made a difference in someone's life today and it's possible because we used the bandit sign system and received a call from a motivated seller.

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