Laetitia Vucina-Beatty Victory


Laetitia Vucina-Beatty Victory

Balanced Homes in Beamville, Ontario
Laetitia Vucina-Beatty with Paul Beatty

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal

Yesterday I started my awesome weekend with my first ever 24 KM run. This is part of my training for a personal goal I set for myself after I had surgery in April. I will be running in the Road To Hope Marathon this November in Hamilton Ontario Canada, it is also my first marathon and a Boston Marathon qualifier so that is super exciting. My 24KMtraining run was also the way I wanted to kick off this weekend. My husband Paul and I are attending our 2 day Full Immersion with FB. Two weeks ago, when we took part of Fortune Builders' 3 day seminar, we had no clue how much our lives and the lives of our three young children were about to change. Ralph Plumb was our presenter and he and the team were fantastic. Cory Wilks is our presenter this weekend and he ROCK!!! The program Cory is teaching has great information and he is full of knowledge about the business too. We have a great & fun group so that makes it all that much more fun. Tomorrow we visit our first properties, so good shoes and maybe even a flashlight and we are off to learn and experience some more. Thanks for the great first day and the wonderful opportunity to succeed. In my everyday life, in my marathon training, in my marathon itself or with FB, failure is not a option. Success is all I see ahead. 1-2-3 Crush It! Sincerely, Laetitia

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Great first day today in our 2 day full immersion with Cory. He is so full of knowledge and is real that makes him a great coach. 1-2-3 Crush It!!!

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