Lee & Cheryl Garrett Victory


Lee & Cheryl Garrett Victory

Zippy House Buyer in Ocean Gate, New Jersey
Lee & Cheryl Garrett with Cheryl & Lee Garrett & Becky Leifert

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Implemented a marketing campaign, Found a great team member

Well, we have both been working like rented mules this month (September) and we have reached a number of milestones in our business. First we posted earlier this month that we made our first offer. We are currently negotiating with the bank on that one. Second, we established a relationship with a real estate broker in our area who is #4 in the nation in sales for REMAX. Pretty sweet, she has already opened new doors for us. Thjrd, we have also established a relationship with a hard money lender so that we can actually keep making offers moving forward. Fifth, we are preparing our offer on a second property to submit tomorrow. This should be a fun one since we will be dealing directly with a seller. and finally we have completed all four of our marketing campaigns targeted for September anfd this evening we started on the October campaigns. What a month!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Nothing we have done would have ever happened if we had not become involved with Fortune Builders. People always say that knowledge is power but knowledge is so much more than power. Knowledge is also confidence and drive. With knowledge comes the confidence and drive to move forward. We have done so much more in the last few months than we ever could have done prior to our involvement with Fortune Builders. Even though we don't know everything we know enough to not be afraid to move forward. We have established relationships with Realtors, bankers, and hard money lenders that we never could have before. We are confident in the value of our services and that confidence is contagious. People take us seriously on all sides of the business. It is easy to establish credibility with sellers, they are praying that you are the answer to their particular situation in most cases. but when the bankers and hard money people pay attention, that is special.

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