Linda Jordon Victory


Linda Jordon Victory

Grade A Property Solutions, LLC in Butner, NC
Linda Jordon with James Jordon

Type(s) of Victory: Rehabbed a beautiful property

This is a personal and business victory. Back in December 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Feb. 12th, I had a double masectomy with reconstruction. Not knowing what the future would bring after dealing with cancer, I decided to take early retirment from my job of 27.5 years and do real estate investing full time. In April, we purchased our 1st rehab and began work in May. We knew we may run into some issues with the property because it had been sitting for about 1 year and had water and mold damage. We purchased the SF home (3 BDs and 1BA) for $51,000 with estimated repairs of $35000. ARV in the area was hard to determine since there wasn't one. We decided to go with $165,000. The home had an unfinished basement so we added a master bath, master bedroom and laundry room. After the plumber and electrician began work, we quickly realized we had problems. We went over our contingency budget and ended up spending $45,000 in rehab costs. Our rehab time ended up being 3 months instead of 2 months due to the plumbing and inspection. The good news is that the neighbors were very appreciative of us fixing up the home as it was an eye sore on the block. The project was completed on Aug. 9th with staging being done on Aug. 12th. Had a successful Open House on Aug. 16th with lots of interest.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

We couldn't have done all of this work without the help of all of the coaches and all the training from the BootCamps! Stick to the system... Special thanks to my IC Coach, Rob McIntosh....just awesome! Thanks to Than, Paul and JD for all of the knowledge they provide.

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