Linda Jordon Victory


Linda Jordon Victory

Grade A Property Solutions, LLC in Butner, NC
Linda Jordon with James Jordon

Type(s) of Victory: Closed on another deal

Building relationships is very important. This package deal was presented to me by a friend of my husband's. It is 3 SF homes, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. All 3 have tenants. The purchase price after negotiations was $35,000 per property. ARV in the area is $70,000 per property. Total package deal was for $105,000.00. Of course, I didn't have financing so was looking for private and hard money lenders. No one was willing to work with me at the time. My coach challenged me to seek out smaller banks and other options. So, I asked the seller if she knew of anyone that may help me fund these deals. She said she knew the VP of a local bank and agreed to introduce me. So, I met the VP of this smalll local bank and we discussed my goals. I also provided my credibility package and business plan. During the meeting, he said he would consider a commercial loan. The rest is history as we closed on the property Thursday, Aug. 19th.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Shout out to my IC Coach Rob McIntosh!! He helped me to think differently and seek out other ways to get funding. Thanks to Paul, Than and JD for creating the Credibility Package. Hats off to the team for working with me on my business plan.

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