Lisa Mochizuki Victory


Lisa Mochizuki Victory

Fresno, CA
Lisa Mochizuki with Robert Mochizuki

Type(s) of Victory: Other type of victory

I bought tickets to fly to San Diego this weekend for both my daughter and myself because I've been dreaming of moving there. It was going to be my first vacation since 2013, but I gave it up because I made a full commitment to prioritize my Fortune Builders activities. We just joined, and this weekend was our first intensive. I felt very sad when my reminder popped up on my phone to go to the airport, but I am very excited to learn deal analysis and all the other great systems in place for us. I chose education over vacation, but I know it will pay off hopefully in the near future as well as the long-term future. Thank you to my great trainer, Elise Stabile, who made it worth it. Tomorrow is going to be even better. Can't wait to get into the field.

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Elisa Stabile: Great trainer!

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