Liz Boyer Victory


Liz Boyer Victory

Boyer Business Group, LLC in Machesney Park, IL

Type(s) of Victory: Made my first offer, Got my first deal under contract, Other type of victory

TWO victories to share: 1) I just celebrated my one year anniversary with Fortune Builders. In this past year I have been learning A LOT and now have TWO Passive Income properties (thru Memphis Invest). That's the FIRST time I ever bought a house - and it wasn't one I was ever going to live in! By the way, it's smooth sailing with those folks! 2) Working "in my own backyard" thru marketing and networking, I found my first Rehab project and have it under contract!! The new year will bring some new experiences and challenges ..and new confidence! It's taken some time as I still have another job but it is ALL Worth it!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

A BIG Shout out & Thank you to the coaches I've worked with - Dennis Cammack (the 'Ol Dawg) for specific insights on building my business not just working IN it; Michael Gregg for Marketing tips & tricks; Tammy Merk for being a wonderful cheerleader with inspiring insights to my situation/properties.

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