Lohina Logoleo Victory


Lohina Logoleo Victory

A.M.E. Home Solutions, LLC in San Francisco, CA
Lohina Logoleo with Ernest Logoleo

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Other type of victory

Thank you Lord! For all things are possible through You! Thank you Than, Paul, Konrad, JD - Fortune Builders is an answer to our prayers and became so much greater than we even imagined CAW! Never in a million years did we imagine getting involved into real estate, yet alone owning our own business CAW! It went from Than's informercial, attending a 90 minute seminar, then the 3 day work shop with Ryan Burk who definitely CRUSHED IT!!!! Our lives was never the same since, we joined Fortune Builders end of July CAW! I resigned from my job in the medical field of 12yrs to take on Fortune Builders full-time 4 months after joining CAW! As a constant reminder of our WHY? We named our business utilizing the first initials of our kids name. A - Ana, M- Maika, E-Enesi (A.M.E. Home Solutions, LLC). We are beyond blessed to have an opportunity to help out families in whatever type of distressed situation they are in, while building a legacy for our babies. CAW all the way!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Ryan Burk we thank you, the 3 day workshop made such an impact in our lives God bless you, the family and In The Now, LLC! Hector Krause, you are the man! Always willing to help us with our 1000's of questions. Words can't express the value of our many business conversations. God bless you, the family & WOW Homes Tariel Gusseinov thank you also for your help and guidance, you are amazing! God bless you, your family and TTG Builders! Brandon Lee - who spoke on Tedx Talk about Frameworks for Reinvention, was the message I needed to hear and was an impact in my life. (7yrs to master a skill) God bless you, and your business! Valerie Campbell - you are an amazing person! Thank you for inviting me, not realizing that it helped me out tremendously! God bless you, the family, and your business!

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