Louie Borrayo Victory


Louie Borrayo Victory

BNLuxury, LLC in North Hills, California
Louie Borrayo with Louie Borrayo Sr., Norma Borrayo Sr., Johnny Borrayo and Norma Jolie Borrayo

Type(s) of Victory: Found a great team member, Found another income stream

Celebrating All Wins! I had a conversation with a Great Money Lender who I met at a REIA meeting in Southern California. I talked about my company and how we follow a great system that was educated to us by Fortune Builders. The Money Lender told me, he was old school and does not know who FB was, but that we are learning a powerful way to make business relations. I have brought to the Money Lender my next potential deal. I have presented him my company creditability package, proof of funds, property details, AS-IS comparables and ARV comparables as well as the letter I present the realtors I work with to smooth in my deals. The Money Lender was extremely impressed. He has informed me that he would be honored to fund our next deal and create long term business deals together! CRUSHING IT!!! Thank You FB Mastery Family for all the educate, training, webinars and reading others CAW's.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Fortune Builders has educated my company in so many ways to network ourselves and become a strong company in this day of real estate. I thank Fortune Builders for creating a system that works! I also want to thank all the FB Mastery Family that continue to post educational and life experiences in our Facebook group. It really helps and comes along way, especially for us who had no real estate experience over a year ago!

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