Louie Borrayo Victory


Louie Borrayo Victory

BNLuxury, LLC in North Hills, CA
Louie Borrayo with Louie Borrayo Sr., Norma Borrayo Sr., Johnny Borrayo and Norma Jolie Borrayo

Type(s) of Victory: Closed on another deal, It was just awesome, Other type of victory

BOOM!!! CAW!!! The BNLuxury Team is excited to announce, we have locked in 4 properties all under contract and rehab is about to begin. Being apart of Fortune Builders for one year now, has given us the education in Real Estate Investing and allowing us to follow a system that has helped us come out of the corporate world and start our financial freedom. We have also start great relations with our own Mastery Students from different parts of the U.S as they have came in to close our gaps as 2nd position and fund our properties here in California. The fact that some of these Mastery Students we have never met in person but only through social media, and have the confidence and trust in us to lend their funds for properties they have never seen, is amazing... FB Follows a system and the Mastery Family Loves It!!! CRUSHING IT 24 Hours/8 Days a Week!!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

BIG THANKS to Than, Paul & JD for your mentoring and education! BIGGGG THANKS to Vicki Wulf, Mr. & Mrs. Melendes who are also Fortune Builders Mastery Students. They came in and closed our gaps as 2nd position for 2 out 4 deals!!! The BNLuxury Team is 'Improving Communities One Home at a Time'

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