Margaret Day Victory


Margaret Day Victory

Twin Win Home Solutions, LLC in Orlando, FL
Margaret Day with Patricia Helmlinger

Type(s) of Victory: Other type of victory

After getting caught in life's trap after some unexpected losses we are putting one foot in front of the other again and moving forward. We decided it was time to look back to see how far we have come. To date we have: * established a business name * established a business phone number * designed a logo and had our business cards printed * created our credibility packets * started building our winning team by developing close relationships with several local realtors and other professionals * developed leads via MLS and and other REO websites and entered data into database in Realeflow * familiarized ourselves with running comps with desktop analysis and crunching numbers in the deal analyzer and repair estimator * established marketing website with mind protein and created a social network presence * created a marketing plan which includes a direct mail campaign through Realeflow due to drop 12/6 and received bandit signs and will place them out this weekend * have lined up a few PMLs and an HML * newly committed to a networking schedule including local REIAs * placed our first offer which is now under review * we have attended the full immersion boot camp, the marketing immersion, the wholesaling boot camp and mind set intensive. We are looking forward to attending REAL ESTATE IGNITE! 2016 next week and have registered to attend the internet intensive in January As we look at this list we realize just how much we have accomplished thus far. While we realize how much knowledge and experience we have gained we also look forward to continually learning and growing our business into the premier real estate solutions company in our area. CAW! We are CRUSHING it!

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Thanks to the entire FB team and family for your support. You have made it possible to live our dream!

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