Michael Aldridge Victory


Michael Aldridge Victory

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Just received a call from a Realtor on behalf of her seller accepting our offer on another home to rehab. We purchased a home 2 doors down from the house we picked up today about a month ago. Once we started working on the house, a neighbor (Armando) mentioned the owner of a house 2 doors down needed to sell due to health issues, Armando took my card and had a family member call me. Unfortunately, the family member and I never got to discuss the potential purchase. Just a few days ago Thursday July 13th, we went to the house we are rehabbing and noticed a "Coming Soon" sign in the yard of the house 2 doors down. I immediately called the Realtor and set an appointment to view the house. We made an offer and with a little negotiation we ended up getting it under contract and will close on Friday July 21st. The key to getting the house under contract was due to the fact that we were willing to be helpful and flexible with the seller. We offered to move the seller's furniture to his new residence which made all the difference.

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Thanks to Erik Bee and his Office Systems Academy presentation. Erik taught us to think even further outside the box while making offers. I am paraphrasing, but in a nutshell, Erik taught us to approach Realtors with offers stating " I may not have the highest offer, but what can we do as buyers to help the seller consider our offer". It works, this particular seller lived alone with family members out of state and did not have the capacity to move his belongings to his new residence. Our offer to move his belongings was the icing on the cake.

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