Michael Smith Victory


Michael Smith Victory

New Day Property Redevelopers, LLC. in Matteson, IL
Michael Smith with Michael Smith

Type(s) of Victory: Paid it forward somehow

Helped a fellow FB investor who has rehabbed a property not far from where I live, but 50+ miles from where they lives. Someone removed the front door key from the lockbox and never returned it. As a result, several showings had to be canceled while the owner was out of town. After they contacted me, I hired a locksmith and met him at the property where he had to remove both the dead bolt and door knob. Once I got inside the property I also noticed that the heat was not on. Turns out the batteries for the thermostat were almost dead. So, after the locksmith left, I went and bought batteries and got the heat back on. It felt really good to be able to help out in that way!

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