Mike Hueholt Victory


Mike Hueholt Victory

Silver Dragon LLC in Urbandale, Iowa
Mike Hueholt with Sandy Hartmann

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Got my first deal under contract

We had set a goal of having our second house under contract before the end of the year. Just got our second house today..this house will be a full rehab. The MAO and Deal Analyzer gave us the confidence to go forward. We started this deal by keeping our ears open. We were having lunch at our local restuarant and overheard an elderly lady talking about how she could not afford to lose that much money selling her house. We introduced ourselves on the way out and secured an appointment to see the house yet that day. We pulled the assessors page and comps before we went to the house and from the outside thought it was very promising. When we saw the inside we realized they had done nothing to house in the 39 years they had lived there. Our offer was accepted even though it was lower than others because we were professional and gave them a complete breakdown in writing of what the house needed to be sold. The husband and wife were emotionally attached to the house and felt that we would take the best care of their home and create something beautiful for the next person. We classify this as our first deal because we did it from scratch on our own based on information we had learned from Fortune Builders.

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We had done other very good training courses before Fortune Builders. But something just clicked with our training from Ry Guy and the FB program. We just knew we were ready to go and now had the tools necessary to make it happen.

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