Mike & Shannon Robinson Victory


Mike & Shannon Robinson Victory

North American Home Solutions, inc. in Stratford, CT

Type(s) of Victory: Got my first deal under contract, Closed on my first deal, Closed on another deal, Rehabbed a beautiful property, It was just awesome, Other type of victory

Our coach, Sonya Stauffer, suggested we post where we are. In about 3 months after first joining FB, we have 5 properties. 4 under contract, one closed this week and is under demo right now and the remaining 4 close within 21 days of each other commencing next week. Tall order, right? So was getting 5 properties in about 3 months. Neither my wife & I have any real estate experience but just knew if we took the training and ran with it the way it was intended and not diluted with our opinions, fears or impressions that we might do OK. We heard CT Homes LLC did 20 homes per year in their early years and was telling everyone that was our goal too even before we had a business name. Between Auctions, online foreclosure sales, MLS, referrals and building a dynamic team that believes everything we dream, we have approximately $970,000.00 worth of real estate that will be on the market in the next 90-120 days which should bring us a 20% ROI. We're living proof of the adage, "If you think you will fail, you're probably right" except we don't know any better and just believe we can. I hope we never smarten up then either... ;-)

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reading on FaceBook the struggles of other FB members with finding lenders, building a team, networking struggles and not getting deals accepted has pushed me. I had 2 agents, 2 lenders, 3 contractors and all our credibility packs done before we had a business name. My agent was showing me properties before our full immersion class. Finding people who believe in you and then backing up everything you say, dream and want. Thanks Sonya Stauffer for also believing in us.

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