Mitchell Abbott Victory


Mitchell Abbott Victory

Abbott Investments, Inc. in Riverdale, Michigan
Mitchell Abbott with none

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Fixed something in my life, Paid it forward somehow, Implemented an individual system, Started using a system, Found another income stream, Got my first lead, Made my first offer, It was just awesome

I am putting my first offer in on a bank owned property . Im buying it on a land contract, its an easy flip. i was starting to wonder if it was ever gonna happen for me . I kept working at it doing the webinars keeping the faith . it was a long time coming. I cant thank the fortune builder team enough . if your looking for someone to learn from these guys are it, if i can do it anyone can.

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Not quite a year ago i went to a fortune builders 3 day event . At the time i was a high school drop out living on a buddies couch, i lived out of a duffle bag. I had no job had little credit but i did have a pickup, gold coins and the ground my two feet stood on. I ended up sleeping in my pickup in the parking lot of the motel the seminar was at because i didnt have a lot of money for gas or food let alone a room. I remember there was snow on the ground ,it was cold i didnt get alot of sleep.I spent the last money in my bank account to pay for it. I cashed in those coins afterward to get more coaching . And borrowed more money to get even more coaching . Now i have a 30 year old trailer that i call my home and office. i have a legit realestate business and will be putting in my first offer with in the week, i have vendors, i will have a second business in the transportation industry within the month, and im not afraid of money anymore. After everything i learned after all the money i spent all the freaking out cause i didnt think i had it in me, i am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel . I can feel those rusty old chains start to break.I feel like i have a finacial future. I cant thank the fortune builders team enough i'm totally in your debt .

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