Myrick Clark Victory


Myrick Clark Victory

Choice MD Homes Inc in Baltimore, MD
Myrick Clark with Antoine D. Cooksey

Type(s) of Victory: Rehabbed a beautiful property

Antoine and I recently completed a full gut renovation in one of Baltimore's Hottest zip codes, Fed Hill. We purchased this property directly from the MLS. This property was in major distress. I remember the agent walking me through the house and there lied a humongous dead rat!!! That was just the beginning! Originally zoned as a multifamily dwelling with an apartment on the first and second floors, we decided to convert this three level all brick town home back into a single family home. After completely demoing the entire property we raised the floor on the first level so as to gain head room for our finished basement. The basement was all dirt in the beginning so we had a major job ahead of us. At the end of our project we had a beautiful, three story, three bedroom, three full bathroom, single family home. This home boast a rooftop deck with views of the Baltimore Ravens Stadium and the Baltimore Orioles Ball Park. Stainless steel appliances, finished basement, exposed brick, hardwood floors and even a radio/intercom system! After paying off our Hard Money loan, commissions and closing cost we walked away with a check a little over $75,000!!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I'd like to give a big shout out to "The Man, The Myth" .... JD Esajian. JD has been my inspiration and motivation to manage these rehabs relentlessly. I recently had the pleasure of meeting JD along with Than and Paul at the Ignite event in Las Vegas. Now I'm back in Maryland fully charged and ready to crush it!! I'd also like to give a Big Shout Out to one of the greatest partners anyone could have, Antoine Cooksey. Antoine has been working in Iraq since we formed our company over two years ago. Even though he's not close physically, his positive mindset and understanding personality keeps me focused and ready to Crush It on every project. My goal is to Completely Crush It in 2015 so I can bring him home for good!!!

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