Nathan Mansur Victory


Nathan Mansur Victory

MF Home Investors in Buffalo, NY
Nathan Mansur with Sondra Mansur

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal, Created a new system, Got my first deal under contract

Hi all, I just wanted to write a quick story of the success and growth that I have been experiencing with my coaches as a part of the fortunebuilders program. Over the past couple months my stress level had been peaking at all-time highs. I was working on closing my first foreclosure deal, then beginning the rehab process on that deal, and trying to find a new job all at the same time. After many challenges and hard work, two months later and really in the past two weeks everything did a 180 degree flip. Something clicked with my time management by doing a 168-hour time study. By simply taking back my day and deciding to edit my schedule, before my emotions edited my schedule, my outlook completely changed. The win is this, I planned out the entire rehab down to the week it will finish, initiated my new marketing campaign, developed two new leads, landed a brand new engineering job, and wrote a detailed basis for my future business growth plan and business system implementation. Words can’t express how much more in control and happy I am.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

My coaches David Barnes and Anthony Riche were amazing in guiding me through the process of setting my business system up, keeping the positive momentum going, and clarifying my action plan and goals. Also, my mom who is also my business partner is an amazing support player that is pivotal in helping fund the business and create an atmosphere of control and progress. I can't thank any of these individuals enough for aiding me in this journey, I know there are only more exciting things to accomplish from here.

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