Nickeisha Ranger Victory


Nickeisha Ranger Victory

Brooklyn, NY

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal, Implemented a marketing campaign

Signed up for the fortunebuilders program a little over a month ago and have putting together my business and developing my skills the entire time. I started out a lot overwhelmed with everything that was ahead of me and very anxious about getting it all done (I still am a little anxious if I think about all the moving parts to much) but today I feel like I should acknowledge how far I have come, how much I have accomplished and give kudos to my coaches and the wonderful helpful people I have met so far on this journey. I have learned a lot of about myself so far in this process and with the help of my coach how to present my business and what to say and not to say on phone calls and the importance of practice with buyer and sellers. With her help I have marketing plans and directions to help generate leads. Every week has been a great reminder of not only that I need to be accountable and get my action items complete but a re-infusion of energy and drive to get to the next goal. My wins: Setup my corporation Created a website Bought a domain name Ordered a phone system Choose a phone number Created Company email Bandit cards are on order Started building my buyer list Attended 5 real estate investment group meetings Gotten a better system for organizing my time and goals

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Thank you Kyle Lindsey and Sean Siegler for introducing me to the Jumpstart program and believing I could be a valuable contributor to the community. Shout out to Paige Law and her help in getting started and answering my questions. For forming my corporation, thank you Jamie, Don and the NCH team! Thank you Mike and the the MindPro and NicheBuilder team for getting the site up and answering my questions and walking me through getting the email set up! Thank you Shawn and Kevin for all the information about phone options, explaining the system and helping me with the decision and choosing my numbers! To my amazing coach Suzanne Lederer, thank you for keeping me on track and moving forward. I know I started off a bit slow but I am on track and her positive reinforcement and energy really helps when I start feeling like "this is a lot at once". Every week she provides valuable insight, tips, advice and encouragement. Here's to moving onward and upward! I will be celebrating with my first check this summer! Thanks for FortuneBuilders for the platform to make dreams come true!!

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