Nicki Ritchie Victory


Nicki Ritchie Victory

Property Ritch Investment Group (PIIG) in Calgary, AB
Nicki Ritchie with Nicki Ritchie, Matthew Ritchie, Carolin Ricciardi, David Hare, Chris Cromwell

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Fixed something in my life, Helped a great cause I believe in, Implemented a marketing campaign, Found another income stream, It was just awesome

We have taken 2 of our Properties in Calgary that would have rented for $2000 a month and turned them into Entrepreneur Houses. The simplest way to explain what this is it's a positive spin on Big Brother. We put 4 Entrepreneurs into an environment where they co live and co work alongside other Entrepreneurs looking to build their business' on the fast track. Each house has a live in accountability coach who helps them stay on track, grow and accelerate. Other Entrepreneurs come to the house and provide presentations on growth and business opportunities (similar to a seminar but in a small setting). The group is required to work together on a JV business on the side that will help bring in more sales for each of their companies, through this they will learn how to work as a team, the power of mastermind, and the benefits of creating their own economy. All the while being documented for outsiders to be able to watch the magic that happens when like minded individuals utilize each other to grow. This is a project our team who actually came together after being 3 separate companies who masterminded together for the benefit of growing as one in warp speed came up with, so we are extremely passionate about the benefits this can have on ones life and business. There are a few WINs we are celebrating. 1. The application process went live last night and within 10 minutes we had two applicants. 2. We were also approached by a group of people through our network who love the concept and are just like us (joined through a mastermind) who want to make The Entrepreneur House go global coincide their similar plan for co working space. 3. As mentioned the rent we would have made per house conventionally would have been $2000 a month (in our current economy with 30% vacancy rate possibly not rented at all). The Entrepreneur house's will bring in $6000/month each. Moral of all of this is if you are given lemons get creative and made a margarita just because something doesn't look great doesn't mean it can't become something great. Property Inspired Investment Group is truly blessed to have each other and the community it is surrounded by so thank you for taking the time to celebrate our WIN with us.

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Thank you Fortune Builders for the amazing community you have created. Without you I would have never met my best friends and business partners Carolin Ricciardi, David Hare, and Chris Cromwell... My husband Matt Ritchie on the other hand was already there!

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