Nicky Flowers Victory


Nicky Flowers Victory

Victory home Ventures in miami, FL

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Implemented an individual system, Made my first offer

I started in May2017 and got through half of the curriculum. I made 2 offers via email, but on September 29th, 2017 I finally made my 1st contractual offer on a forclosure! My offer was extremely low due to the noted violations to correct, damage from hurricaine Irma and renovations required to bring the property up to standard. I knew that my offer needed something extra to be taken seriously so I sent in a cover letter explaining that the list price was basically the ARV and in order to take on the project of fixing up the home it would take a considerable amount of funds. I also added a contingency that said the band could terminated the contract if the inspector/licensed contractor repair estimate came back 25% lower than Purchase Price. I'm praying that by treating the bank as a real person, they will seriously consider my offer. After all, a real person will be looking at the contract, right? So its October 2nd, and my offer has not been denied , so I'm staying hopeful that perhaps they are reviewing and there's a chance my 3rd offer made is actually accepted.... and thus beating the odds of 20:1!!! Either way, I CAW of my 1st contract submitted!! ToGodBtheGlory!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Thanks to all of my Coaches! I've talked to many different coaches along the way and plan on to keep scheduling expert calls: Amy Mahjorry, Steven Haas, Mary Anschutz, Guy Varble and Sahar Montalvo---Also Mind Protein Coaches Rayanna Starre and Steven Hale. To be honest, everybody I've talked to has helped me to stay on track: Hunter from Nevada Corp, as well as David Vanlandingham...and last but certainly not least my support specialist at Fortune Builders: Jennifer--more like a guardian angel:)

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