Nicolas Brunetti Victory


Nicolas Brunetti Victory

Upgrade Property Solutions, LLC in Fishkill, New York

Type(s) of Victory: Closed on my first deal

I recently just completed my first rehab deal. A few months back I enrolled into the fortunebuilders program and was coached by Ammon. I then went off on my own to purchase my first property for $125k and did a $25k renovation. I then sold the property the very first day on the market for $238k. Very excited about pursuing my dreams and a very special thank you to Ammon and the fortune builders team!!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I want to say thak you to fortune builders for leading the way to my future and helping me start living my dream. Also a very special thanks to Ammon Brimhal for being an awesome mentor and pushing me to do things I never knew I could accomplish. Thank You!!!

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