Paula Sabrsula Victory


Paula Sabrsula Victory

SuVida Enterprises, LLC in Austin, Texas

Type(s) of Victory: Helped someone else achieve a goal, Helped a great cause I believe in, Paid it forward somehow, Helped someone in Mastery, Implemented a marketing campaign, Started using a system, Created a new system, Found a great team member, Found another leader, Got my first deal under contract, Closed on my first deal, Rehabbed a beautiful property

This past month, I listed my first rehabbed house, with the help of a number of other FortuneBuilders, such as Jack Rady, Linda Pedersen, Andrew Brown, Kathy Keller, and my husband, Scott Sabrsula. I don't think I could have done it all without the help of these friends. The house went under contract within 5 days and I close on the 26th of September. I know it was a "skinny deal", but I was willing to do it so that I could get in the game and learn. It paid off. Now, I am helping another FortuneBuilder make her first deal. Even if we don't get it the deal, we still learn with each failure, so when we fail, we get one step closer to winning. My house passed the appraisal price of $182,900. In Austin, that's about 2700 sf, a 4B2.5B1L, and it's got enough upgrades for its market. Part of this money will be reinvested toward an endowment for local entrepreneurs at St. Edward's University and Tech Ranch Austin, a local business technology incubator. I am now sponsoring my first entrepreneur in his business incubation. Baby steps here. We are raising $250K for the students so they can realize their dreams in starting new businesses of their own. The students are so creative and never seek to amaze me by their heart and how hard they try to realize their own dreams. This is the beginning of something much larger than me, and so I have NO EXCUSES to hide behind what makes me feel uncomfortable in this new job. I am so lucky to be able to see their successes and be part of giving back. That is my victory, and it's for them. Thank you to all who helped me, here in Austin, and at the MOTHER SHIP! You know who you are! Many bloody noses to get started, but it made me stronger to keep going. Blessings to All! P-

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Hey, I just got back from FB Rehab Bootcamp in Boston. It was great. And JD, you're 10 feet tall to me, sweetheart. You, Paul, Ralph, Bob McIntosh, Noah, John, and all the folks at Beantown Property Group did a great job in presenting to us! Rachel and Jessica, Michael, all superb! Thank you so much for a fun weekend. Paula from Austin, TEXAS!

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