Paula Soileau Victory


Paula Soileau Victory

Buena Vida Real Estate Solutions in Austin, Texas

Type(s) of Victory: Got my first deal under contract

Got my first contract for a wholesale deal signed today! Lead came from my absentee owner direct mail campaign that I started near end of March. I built good rapport with him by phone and email, and over our last few communications he seemed more and more motivated. Got creative with my offer while adhering to our MAO formula - got him to agree to a lower base price than he really wants, but splitting any profits over that amount so he will get close to his lowest acceptable price. He is visiting the area this week so I was able to meet him in person and get the contract signed. He seems excited, and I am too! Now just have to find that buyer, and I'm working on that!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Thanks Coach Wes Dorsey from Dallas - encouraging me to start that absentee owner campaign!

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