Pierrot Jean-Baptiste Victory


Pierrot Jean-Baptiste Victory


Type(s) of Victory: Found a great team member

I had a property that I bought fifteen years ago,and in 2008 because of the crash of the housing market,I did not make any payment,until I realized after I took the real estate investment class ,that,that destress property becomes now an asset. With the knowledge I acquired from Fortunebuilders, I called my morgage company to send me a bpo,so I can determine a little bit, the market price of my distress property ,and I was welcomed,and they in touch with a real estae professional in my area to to perform the job.Before the BPO,the value of the was 143K,and the monthly payment was $1400 base on them,and after the BPO the reduiced it to 117K and a monthly payment of $680 with a rate of 3.9,wich was 9.9%. Base on what learned, after the trial plan I can Still make them reduce the loan by doing a short sale,and let my business buy the property cash from them Thank you for helping me understand the real estate business.

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Base on what Learn, Fortunebuilders help me to make my distress property become an asset, that I can reab,and rent it to get some passive income in the fiture

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