Piotr Michalik Victory


Piotr Michalik Victory

IP HOMES LLC in Livonia, MI
Piotr Michalik with Karolina Madela

Type(s) of Victory: Closed on my first deal

Hi everyone! Finally after 6 weeks of negotiation with HUD I closed my first deal on Friday April 22-nd.My agent told me that it's almost impossible to lower the price by HUD,because they are hard to negotiate with.I told my agent to call HUD and tell them that I need price reduction because I couldn't inspect roof well(roof was cover by snow)and also after i did pressure test on my baseboard heating system I told them that I'm gonna have to dig slab to replace some pipes, so they have to consider price reduction.We have had price set up 3 weeks ago but after back and forth they reduced the price by half what I was asking for so everybody wins CAW!!!

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FB make me believe in myself and never give up on your goals and dreams:)

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