Richard M. Rocheleau Victory


Richard M. Rocheleau Victory

National Homes, inc. in Honolulu, HI
Richard M. Rocheleau with Rosa Valenti

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Paid it forward somehow, Found a great team member, Found another income stream, Other type of victory

Than & Team!! WOW, what an experience so far, my wife and I started the Jump Start program on the 20th. of March and with the guidance of all your Team members and Corporate help I believe we have accomplished quite a bit! First we applied and received 18K in credit cards (O%int) to get us started with investing in our dream! Since then we have also increased the limit on our Home Depot account, which may certainly come in handy once we get to the Whole-sale and re-hab state. We have received a corporate entity, (how cool is that), I have applied for a state license as well and have received our EIN from the IRS. I have read the wholesaling, Marketing and re-hab books to date. We have ordered a landline and dedicated fax line for our home and will have our first walk through on the 15th. of April. We then purchased a fax machine along with a home phone answering machine. We have Received both of our docs from Corporate and have our walk through on the 14th. of April. I was looking through the local paper and saw that there was an open house on a condo Auction which I attended and came right home to use the formula for an offer. My wife, even without knowing the formula came within 15, 000 of the amount after the calculations, and I was the one reading the books and telling her about the numbers and how to establish MAO, WMAO!! Anyway, she is a natural and we both have been involved in construction throughout our lives in one way or another. We talked to our coach (Mel Feller) ass I was pretty excited to tell him about our progress in such a short amount of time!! He then proceeded to guide us further down our path to doing what he refers to as the money dance!! I finished the Rehab book last night (4-10-15) as it was about a subject in which I am very familiar with, I was able to get through it pretty quick. As Mel had said I was able to learn some things that I did not know and I always like that, TY Paul!! Well, I believe that this has been a victory in every way and it is hard to (hurry up and wait) for everything to be installed and get the rest of our marketing tools established, ie- Business #, Web-site, Magnetic car signs, business cards etc..and start networking!! My wife says I am sick (in a good way) Every day I know there are deals out there that I want to be part of and I thank you for the push to find confidence in ourselves and be able to find and let the money go (Ry-Guy) and know that we have the best in the Business behind us!! So, this whole experience has been a victory for my wife and I as she calls it the beginning of our success!! MAHALO & ALOHA Rick & Rosa, National Homes, Inc. Honolulu, Hawaii

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Thanks, Brennan Fontana, Randall Zorn Mel & Tina Feller and NCH- Marshall Davis and Joshua Terry!!

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