Richard Stannard Victory


Richard Stannard Victory

Southern Cross Properties LLC in North Port, FL
Richard Stannard with Jenni Elliott

Type(s) of Victory: Fixed something in my life

After joining FB in September, we were at the La Jolla bootcamp last November. We had just closed our first two acquisitions while at the bootcamp, and were anxious to get home to start the renovation process. We landed in Tampa at 5pm, and on the way home, we stopped so that Jenni could audition for a production at the Lemon Bay Playhouse. Jenni did her usual superlative job, and the next day she was awarded the lead role. We knew this was a big job, as her part required memorizing 110 pages of script! But we were OK, because managing the two concurrent rehabs was my job. Then disaster struck. On December 1st, Jenni and I were in a car wreck. Jenni only had a concussion (only!?). My injuries were significantly worse, and it would take me months to even be semi-mobile. Like the trooper she is, Jenni took on my work load. Let me describe a typical day of hers. One hour to drive to the hospital I was in, two hours with me, one hour drive back home. 4 hours of learning her script, two hours of rehearsal each day. In amongst all this, she had to manage two rehabs, as well as do the admin/marketing tasks that kept our business alive while I was out. As always, I am amazed by my Jenni. But let me also say thank you to Fortune Builders for giving us the system under which she could keep our business going while I was in recovery.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

To everyone at FB. The systems work so well!

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