Rick Cossman Victory


Rick Cossman Victory

Hi-Five Properties in Janesville, WI
Rick Cossman with Katie Cossman

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal Made my first offer Reached a business goal Got my first deal under contract

I've been looking at properties for a couple of weeks and put in 3 offer's yesterday. I received my first accepted offer today. A 2,000 spft. house on 4.7 acres 1.7 of it is wooded. There is a 3 car garage extra deep and a large 25'x40' shed on the property. The house is in good condition, other than a new septic system and updating the inside of the house there's not a whole lot to do to it. I got a great deal because of the septic system needing replaced no bank would finance it.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

FortuneBuilders got me into thinking about rehabbing as a full time job after attending the first seminar. I have been working as an Engineering Tech. and traveling for work. I wanted to stay in the area where I live so it only made sense to give it a chance. I have rehabbed several house in the past just not for profit. It's great to have all of the mastery coaches and inner circle coaches to help guide us through any problem and give us a kick when needed. When we were starting out getting a phone # and business name and all the other information together we kinda stalled out thinking we needed to talk to NCH to get all that business stuff completed before ordering signs and sending out letters. A good kick from the coach and we were off and running. In the next week we had Phone #'s, Business cards, and Email account all set up. Thanks Patrick Judd & Randy Frase

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