Rodney Seiwert Victory


Rodney Seiwert Victory

Rodney Seiwert with Brooke Ann Seiwert,

Type(s) of Victory: Helped someone else achieve a goal, Paid it forward somehow, Helped someone in Mastery, Implemented a marketing campaign, Found a great team member, Closed on another deal

The Power of Fortune Builders Network On This Wholesale Deal was Awesome. Property was on HUD Store and located 2 hours from our office. First challenge is finding the right Realtor to Place very low offers on HUD properties daily until HUD counters and or Accepts. The second challenge without seeing the property was being able to Inspect the property and making sure our desk top evaluation numbers were good. Lets not forget the TONS of HUD time sensitive paperwork is filled out properly with non refundable Ernest sent within 24 hrs or offer will be rejected even if it was accepted. The Power of Fortune Builders Network nailed it on this deal. We reached out to Fortune Builders Mastery Student Kathy Adkins with Serenity Dream Homes out of Lexington NC. She lives minutes from the property, she went and took photo's, confirmed our Realeflow hammer point estimate of repairs, while we pulled local Realtor in for CMA report,. Reviewed and shared our Deal Analyzer to confirm a good deal. We power linked the property in Realeflow to each other viewing the same file. Decided that we will move forward to wholesale. We marketed the property and Kathy handled meeting with the multiple Buyers from our marketing campaigns together. Our team had it Sold and set for a double close within 15 days from commitment to closed within 30 days required by HUD. Win Win for us helping Kathy and Kathy helping us. 50%50 Split on profits.

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Special Thanks to Anthony Moore with interspersion, motivation and encouraging us to market and grow. The Complete Fortune Builders and Realeflow Staff and Members for the education and support when needed. Our local North and South Carolina Fortune Builders Group that strives on helping each other out on our road to success.

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