Roger Blankenship Victory


Roger Blankenship Victory

Whitestone Investments Inc in McDonough, GA
Roger Blankenship with Dianna Donahue

Type(s) of Victory: Sold another deal

Just closed on a deal in McDonough, GA. 420 Cotton Indian Creek Rd., Purchase 75, rehab 38, sold for 170! Good times! See pics at my Whitestone FB page. I have never spent this much on a rehab and was very nervous about it. Looks like it was a warmup for my current project - a house in Warm Springs, Georgia (home of the Little White House from FDR days) where for only the third time ever I will spend more to rehab than I spent to purchase and this will be my first rehab budget over $50k. It's also my first rehab budget over $70k! I'll post more on that one later.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Thanks Dan (Immersion Coach). You didn't know it but you made me feel LESS nervous about spending so much on these rehabs!

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