Ronald Larkin Victory


Ronald Larkin Victory

New Life Enterprises, LLC in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Ronald Larkin with Brenda Larkin

Type(s) of Victory: Implemented a marketing campaign, Got my first deal under contract

I purchased a list of homeowner within my target area and target home value. We have started our direct mail campaign system, sending out only about 150 at a time out of the 900+ in my list, I have seen a 11% response to my yellow letter campaign to this group. It has been exciting because out of this I have come upon three potential deals that I am working on. I am still sending out letters, hope to see a similar response rate. We have one property under contract (for which we are looking for private money to fund) that we bought for 38% of ARV. Yip-peeeee!!!

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I have been wanting to be a real estate investor for over 30 years. Thanks to the training, education and support of Fortune Builders, and the network of mastery students, we are accomplishing our dream.

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