Samuel Clawson Victory


Samuel Clawson Victory

JETS Property Solutions in Phoenix, AZ
Samuel Clawson with Nancy Clawson

Type(s) of Victory: Helped a great cause I believe in

Finding our WHY in Phoenix, AZ on January 21st, 2017 at the Fortune Builders 3 day Mastery workshop has changed almost everything in our lives. To find our WHY gives us a purpose that will last past our lives on earth. Ryan Carmody gave us the project to find our WHY on day 2. I volunteered to tell everyone my WHY and I could not get it out of my mouth because my emotions were heightened to tears. I still have not been able to speak about it without tearing up. Our adopted 19 year old daughter has struggled with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) her entire life and will continue to do so the remainder of her life. We have vowed to develop a not-for-profit to help this under and undiagnosed group. We have named our company CRUSH FASD NOW! Our daughter has become incredibly excited to be apart of the solution to this group that is underserved. When we told her that Sunday night, she spent that Monday working on ideas to CRUSH this completely. She came up with 3 great ideas that are pinned to our wall to keep it fresh and urgent. Please join us in this effort. Please let your family, friends and enemies know of the most preventable disorder on earth. Don't drink alcohol if you have any inkling that you are trying to get pregnant. The research has been available since the 1970's at the University of Washington. Give them a big BOOM. Crush your day everyone.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

The Fortune Builders team that spent the 3 days with us in January to facilitate the beginning of our legacy. BOOM!

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