Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal, Closed on my first deal

My wife and I joined Fortune Builders in March of 2017 at one of the Washington D.C. live events. We have kept both of our full-time jobs in the government and teaching fields respectively. We have tried to be as dedicated as possible but as any family, we have had challenges along the way. Even so, we are grateful to say that our commitment to our dream of expanding our careers into Real Estate in order to reach achievements that are harder to reach with our regular jobs, have kept us strong and positive. We’ve always told ourselves that soon our discipline would produce results. After 1.5 years of studying, attending Bootcamps, networking and joining a local mastermind group to help us stay focused, we are happy to announce that on July 2, 2018, we closed on our first rehab project in Washington, D.C. We are excited to continue learning and crushing every milestone of the project. We are also extremely excited because this project will allow us to moderately replace my wife's teaching income and will allow her to become a Real Estate Developer full-time. Emotionally, this allows our marriage to achieve our dream of starting our family with future children and dedicate more time to them at home. In summary, the closing of our first project does not only mean a business win. This milestone has a deep emotional significance that makes our relationship and love for each other stronger. We are certain that with the continuous support from the Fortune Builders community and our local mastermind group, we will be able to continue growing our business and little by little create the social difference that we intend to make with our projects. Our vision is to make Globally You Home Solutions, LLC. the empire that will always keep the commitment of providing thousands of high self-satisfying and paying careers to the most socially and economically challenged populations in the United States, Central, and South America. We are extremely excited and committed to continue investing in D.C. Metropolitan area to make our communities better places to live, learn and grow!

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We'd like to recognize that the education from the Fortune Builders Mastery program has been a great starting point with great systems and manageable concepts that have helped us join the Real Estate profession with confidence and knowledge. What we have learnt has allowed us to enthusiastically work and ethically act in a career that offers so many opportunities for growth in so many ways for all the diverse populations of the United States and around the world.

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