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But talking to people about investing money in our company was very scary for me. But guess what I have call 11 private lenders today. I have a web site sat up, which I will fine tune soon and hopefully it will be up and running in a few weeks. Working on dealing with 1 private lender today. I am so excited I am ready to go. It can't happen soon enough. I am pumped, it is amazing what little things will get a person going. I have advised private lender that I need a letter just stating they will back me and then I will be house looking hot and heavy. Need something to happen before I go back to work. Everyone make sure you listen to the mastery programs even if you have to listen to the recorded ones. That is what has helped me boost my confidence in myself. Thanks Pat and Molly for all of your time and support in all of the classes that you do. It is very much appreciated.

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Listening to the live mastery programs are very inspirational and confidence booster. Everyone it is very important to attend these meeting even if it means listening to the recorded session.

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