Stacy Rowles Victory


Stacy Rowles Victory

Diamond in the Rough Solutions, Inc. in Peachtree City, Georgia

Type(s) of Victory: Implemented a marketing campaign, Found a great team member

I hired my VA back in March of 2013. Oh, what a great decision this was! She does all my direct mail marketing for me. I have sent out letters on a biweekly basis since then because of her to inherited properties, absentee owners, probate and private lenders. After I give her the list, she prints them on yellow paper and hand writes the envelope and mails them for me. I pay her .50c a letter. She is a stay at home mom. If I wouldn't have started this, who knows how much marketing I would have even done this year. She makes my marketing consistent. This is the key!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I learned from FB that I need to have consistent marketing. Consistency = sales. So I set up a system to do this with someone else doing it. I want to spend my time buying homes and finding money, not marketing. I learned this from FB also! Thanks guys.

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