Stacy Rowles Victory


Stacy Rowles Victory

Diamond in the Rough Solutions, Inc in Senoia, Georgia

Type(s) of Victory: Implemented a marketing campaign, Created a new system

The probate campaign I implemented is working like a charm! I actually hired someone to go to 2 different counties to get the probate records. I went with her and taught her how to get the leads from both counties and now she goes one week to one county and the next week to another county to get the leads. She usually gets about 10 leads and it takes her 3 hours -- you have to do a lot of searching where I live. I pay her $8 an hour and pay her also for drive time so its about $40 for her every week. Then she comes back to the office and enters them in the spreadsheet and sends out the letters. We have 5 touches, so she sends out the letter every 3 months. She manages all of the campaign and works one day a week for me total. She is a mom so this works good for her - she gets a little cash on the side and I get phone calls! I have bought 2 houses from probate through this process since January so it actually works!

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you can buy houses from probate? what is probate and how does that work? ..... well, now I know!

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