Stacy Rowles Victory


Stacy Rowles Victory

Diamond in the Rough Solutions, Inc. in Peachtree City, Georgia

Type(s) of Victory: Implemented an individual system, Started using a system, Created a new system, Found another income stream

Created and implemented by private money lender campaign system that I will be using not only to find private lenders, but twice a year to campaign for them. These steps included creating a list of those individual people that have lent money to others only for the sole purpose of buying a house by searching through past transactions in the Atlanta area. After compiling the list, creating a postcard in Word with mail merge and getting it printed and mailed out. After the postcards have been mailed, and when lenders call me back, I follow up with introductions and/or meetings to get to know them. Out of 1000 mailed usually there is 1% call rate. Out of the 10 that call back, usually 1 to 2 will become a lender for you! This worked for me and I have several lenders now. One of which wants me to do more than one rehab a month. He loans regularly and needs volume! I introduced him to my Executive Summary for Private Lenders I use for each house, plus the deal analyzer and and my scope of work template I use with my contractor. The lenders are usually impressed when you have all your systems in place that you can show them. Now I have more money than houses and am looking forward to a great 2014. Oh, did I mention that I won't be doing any of this work. I have trained my VA and my interns to do it all for me!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I have spent the last year really implementing the foundations I needed for my company to run smoothly. I use the private lending systems, deal anaylzer and the contractor systems to woo lenders from FortuneBuilders. Thanks guys!

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