Steve Evans Victory


Steve Evans Victory

Saige Properties in Benton, LA
Steve Evans with Angie Evans

Type(s) of Victory: Made my first offer

We have been with FB since May 1st. With all of the plethora of information being soaked these past few months has been Awesome. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our leap into a growth mindset. With our focus being on juggling the business (branding, logo, setting up the LLC, building the relationships with contractors and realtors) as well as both of our full time jobs, our 2 recently adopted kids (2yrs and 6yrs), a family member having double bypass (in Denver and we live in Louisiana), going to St. Louis for bootcamp and marketing emersion, our involvement in church and anything else that happens in everyday life, it is sometimes hard to remember to celebrate. We were talking to our coach on our fourth call and he asked what was going on and what was new... we had made our first offer on a house and went to the second round of offering. We didn't get the house, but I was VERY comfortable with our numbers. We didn't know that it was a big deal having made our first offer before our 4th coaching call, so... WooHoo! We have a path and LOVE the encouragement in this journey. Thank you to the FB family!

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Thank you for giving us a path to true success. Such a great family with hearts in the right place!

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