Tammy Taglieri Victory


Tammy Taglieri Victory

Mint Home Solutions, LLC in Jacksonville, FL
Tammy Taglieri with Michelle Taglieri

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal, Other type of victory

I applied (proactively) with 2 HMLs to secure funding for a fix & flip project on which we held highest bid (no P&S). One of the HMLs ran all of my numbers (personal finances and project expectations) and informed me that my "skin in the game" (yep, my cash) was short by about $15K! PANIC!!! We are brand new investors, so cash on hand is a major challenge. That evening, I went online and searched for personal loan options. The next day I was approved for and received a personal loan in the amount of $23,400! That cash is now available for either this project or another. Lesson learned - there are all kinds of ways to obtain cash. I had to be willing to put myself into a debt situation and focus on the big picture goal. A bit scary and unusual for a CPA!

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MINDSET/Financing - FB helped me change my mind about debt!

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