Tawny King Victory


Tawny King Victory

Bridgeking Property Investments in Inglewood, CA
Tawny King with Tawny B King

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal, Implemented a marketing campaign, Started using a system, Found a great team member, Got my first lead, It was just awesome

My phone had not rung in a long time and I was actually starting to doubt what little effort I had put into my bandit sign campaigning because I can always do more and do better. Anyway, I was soooooo excited when my phone rang the day before and today. Today on May 2nd I spoke with a really sweet agent who actually has many distressed properties in contract already and needs help finding buyers...we are both very excited to work with each other and eagerer to help each other be prosperous. She has sent me a list of homes she has, some with an ARV already figured. Then I received a second phone call today from a guy who does property management and he has a distressed duplex that he is trying to sale...he gave much information regarding the house and the surrounding area. Of course I am going to still do my research on it all and get that good ol' ARV ready!!! I'm just really excited and had to share the good news on the leads I have from two seemly kind hearted and just people and to know that my campaigning is actually paying off! Nothing happens over night but put everything in God's hands and he will work it out with perfect timing!!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I must give a shout out to David Barnes!! His notes all over my desk and his words always in my head being a constant reminder of my business and what needs to be done and accomplished...always pushing me to move forward and never stopping!! Thanks David!

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