Thom Mead Victory


Thom Mead Victory

TEMCO Properties, LLC in Alpharetta, GA
Thom Mead with Anya Mead, Breandan Mead, Knotashia Singleton

Type(s) of Victory: Rehabbed a beautiful property

Picked up a property in Atlanta for $34K as my first property. Probably bit off more than I could chew as it was essentially a full gut. But the experience was invaluable. Exit strategy, due to the projected rapid appreciation in the area, was to rent for about 5 years then sell. Heard many nay sayers tell me I was over improving, that it was too nice for the area, and so on. The neighbors praised my work saying I was not just renovating a house, I was renovating the neighboring as a result. Fast forward to today...the home just rented for $1200/month, twice the neighborhood price point. Now in discussions to buy two more homes on the same street. Nice to finally see money coming in where it once was only going out. Stick to the system and believe in yourself would be my advice. There are no shortcuts.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

My shoutout goes to "The System". If you follow the methodology FB teaches, you should be okay. There is enough latitude to do it your way, but if you try to shortcut the process, think you don't need to use all the tools provided, it is only a matter of time that it will catch up with you. Stay flexible, stay creative and believe in yourself. Some deals are found, most are made...made as a result of the knowledge, education and experience you bring to the discussion. Many investors in the area who are self taught, read books, watched youtube videos are often shocked how much I know and they have been doing it 10x longer than me. I can only take credit for learning. The real credit goes to Than and the team for providing the platform for all of us to succeed.

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